About me

Since an early age I had the urge to make stuff. Drawings, Lego villages, mopeds, whatever. I wanted to be an architect, studied to become an industrial design engineer and currently I design digital products. In the end I guess it all comes down to same thing: to make the world we live in a better place. However infinitesmall.

The problem with this though is that more stuff or more digital experiences don't make us happier. Sometimes it is a necessity. Sometimes it makes our lifes easier. But what I love most is stuff that has the potential to make us happier. By allowing us to learn, to experience new things, to create or strengthen real social relationships, make us healthier, or to improve living conditions in general.

Design thus is not about choosing the right colors. It's about being aware of what makes us human, finding the right people to work with and working on projects that you believe in.
Well, in my humble opinion.

I live in Eindhoven, The Netherlands with my cat. I love walking, reading, yoga, snowboarding, kitesurfing, driving my motorcycle, paragliding, bowling. And friends, food and beer.


I'd love to hear from you. Send me an email or find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.